White Oudh Attar

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  • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
  • Scent: Soft, Sweet, Woody
  • Best for: Female, Male, All Seasons, Weddings


What is White Oudh Attar?

White Oudh Attar is one of the most premium attar oils in our collection. It has oud with a lot of sweeter ingredients to balance its woodiness of it. It has thin viscosity with clear color. Because of its color or lack of it, some attar enthusiasts must have it at least once!

We only offer high-quality White Oud Attar made in the perfume city of India: Kannauj, where most of the attars sold in the world are made. Both Men and Women will love it definitely!

It is an Indian attar and contains no alcohol! Its popularity was once limited to Arab countries only, but slowly it is getting recognized all around the world. 

What does White Oud smell like?

White Oud has a softly sweet aroma with some woody notes. It can last on your body for about 10 hours at best with around 2 to 3 feet of projection. You can also wear it any season of the year. 

If you like Oud, but want a fragrance that is a little mild in strength, this is the perfect purchase for you!

How is it made?

The process starts with the Agarwood (Aquilaria) tree native to East Asia. This is a very rare species because of the depletion of forests on earth and the fact that only 2% of agarwood trees produce the resin required to create the attar. 

most expensive attar in the world

We obtain our agarwood from Assam, India which is considered to be the most precious. There they grow and take good care of their plantation. What happens is that the tree gets infected by a mold in the forest that creates a dark moist resin inside. 

This resin changes the heartwood of the tree and gives it its luxurious aroma. The agarwood is then separated and distilled using steam processing. Our manufacturing plant in Kannauj makes them by the traditional method called ‘Deg and Bhapka’.

White Oudh Attar Benefits

White Oudh Attar is a wonderful attar oil that is gaining popularity worldwide right now because of its amazing fragrance. It can become your go-to perfume for any outdoor event, festival, or family occasion.

In ancient times, only Kings and Queens were able to afford this wood and its attars. They used to make their royal cabinets with this timber. It was also used for its therapeutic properties. Many religious texts in different cultures have mentioned Oud and its benefits. It is also an amazing aphrodisiac.

Other than that, you can apply it during meditation as well. Relieve all stress and tension with a single drop of this attar.

Because of its lighter scent, it is also a perfect option for base notes in some premium western perfumes.

Difference between Black vs White Oudh

There is another similar perfume you might have seen called Black Oud Attar. The difference between them is that Black Oud is stronger and woody but the other is mild in nature. This is because White Oudh has some other ingredients as well.

That’s why White Oudh is suitable for both genders white Black Oud is masculine.

Note: For external use only. We also recommend doing a patch test before using it directly on the skin. Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their doctors before application.

Why should you buy it from Sugmy?

We at Sugmy are known for our exclusive collection of 100% original attars. They are organic, vegan, eco-friendly, and chemical-free. Our products are delivered to all countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, etc. Buy White Oudh Attar online now!

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