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Buy your attar online, made from natural ingredients in Kannauj, the perfume city of India.

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The reason why we say that our attars are 100% original is that we still make them by hand using only flowers or herbs sourced from mother nature. Being Organic is the way of the future and these perfume oils are the perfect start for that lifestyle!




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We started ‘Sugmy’ with only one goal: Showcase Original Indian & Arabian Attars to all the amazing folks of the world. We also offer Essential Oils made from only natural ingredients, everything in one place.

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Kannauj Attars made in India

The small town of Kannauj in India is known for its fragrance, its traditions and its expertise in making attars. Attars are pure essential oils derived from natural aromatic sources like flowers, herbs, roots, spices or woods. What makes them unique is that they are 100% organic and chemical-free. Their scent lasts about 8-16 hours on your body.

Kannauj is preserving this art of making attars with the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ method for more than 5000 years. That is why we call it the ‘Perfume Capital of India’. From Rose to Saffron to Shamama, our ittars are made with the same old beautiful process.

Sugmy is proud to present its own collection of 100% Original Kannauj attars made in India. We are one of the most reputed perfumers in the country. Our products are delivered to all countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc. So what are you waiting for, Buy Attars Online.