Ruh Khus Attar (Vetiver)

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Looking for a vetiver based natural perfume? Buy the Original Ruh Khus Attar online made in Kannauj.

  • Also known as: Vetiver Attar, Khus Attar
  • Extraction Method: Deg & Bhapka Distillation
  • Ingredients: Vetiver roots
  • Scent: Sweet, Woody, Refreshing, Sharp
  • Best for: All Seasons, Men, Gifting


What is Ruh Khus Attar?

Ruh Khus Attar is a natural perfume oil extracted from vetiver roots using stream distillation process. It has a dark greenish colour with a very thick viscosity. The vetiver used in making this attar is harvested in the northern parts of India.

We offer 100% Pure Vetiver Attar, originally made in Kannauj. It is one of the most unique attar oils in the market, very different from oud and floral based attars.

What does Ruh Khus smell like?

Ruh Khus has a sweet and woody fragrance. There is also some earthiness in it. The fragrance is similar to what we might get from a wet rainforest in the early morning. First time users might find it very sharp initially but will get comfortable to its aroma in a few minutes. 

This mix of earthy and smoky smell makes it a perfect perfume for men. It has now become a good gifting option for your husband, son or father. We recommend using it specially during the summers

What is the key ingredient in it?

The key ingredient of Ruh khus attar is Vetiver. It is a native Indian dry grass which can grow up to 5 feets. It is called ‘Khus’ in hindi. But the important part of this vetiver is its roots which can go up to 13 feets deep into the soil. These vetiver roots are used in making this attar.

vetiver grass

Indians have been using khus for a long time. It is used in making soaps and creams. People also put it inside their earthen pots to cool the drinking water. Water coolers pads are made from dry vetiver as well. Curtains made from these roots are put above windows provide shades inside a room.

How is it manufactured?

Most of our attars are made in Kannauj which is also known as the ‘perfume capital of India’. The distillers in this town are still making these natural perfume oils using the same old method devised around 5,00 years ago.

The vetiver roots are put in a big copper container called ‘Deg’. This is heated and the steam is distilled into smaller vessel called ‘Bhapka’. The extracted oil is pale yellow in color but later changes into greenish due to oxidation.

Best Uses of Khus Attar

Ruh Khus is one of the best cool attars in the world. It has a cooling effect on the body. The fragrance is quite refreshing to uplift the mood in a hot weather. You can wear it during afternoon events in summers and it will keep you energized for the whole day.

Most people also love using it during aromatherapy and Ayurveda massages. Its aroma works amazingly to reduce stress and anxiety. It also blends well with rose and sandalwood essential oils.

It is also widely used in the Indian food and beverages industry. You may also find khus in colognes, scented candles and soaps.

Note: For external use only. We also recommend doing a patch test before using it directly on the skin.

Why should you buy it from Sugmy?

We at Sugmy are known for our exclusive collection of 100% original attars. They are organic, vegan, eco-friendly and chemical-free. Our products are delivered to all countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc. Buy Ruh Khus Attar online now!

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