Musk Amber Attar

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  • Scent: Sweet, Earthy
  • Best for: Men, All Seasons


About Musk Amber Attar

Musk-Amber Attar oil is a very rich fragrance oil the notes of both musk and amber. You can wear it this attar in any season and for any occasion.

If you have ever worn ‘musky’ perfume and liked it, this is the best attar for you! 

Musk Amber Atttar has a sweet and earthy scent. It is the same smell you get from a pet cat or dog at your home. However, our Attar is made from flowers only and no animals were harmed in making it.

Being one of the traditional Indian attars, it is very attractive and mesmerizing. 

Note: For external use only. We also recommend doing a patch test before using it directly on the skin. Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their doctors before application.

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We at Sugmy are known for our exclusive collection of 100% original attars. They are organic, vegan, eco-friendly, and chemical-free. Our products are delivered to all countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, etc. Buy Musk Amber Attar online now!

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