Mukhallat Attar

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  • Also known as: Oud Mukhallat, Mukhallat perfume
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
  • Ingredients: Flowers, Oud, Spices
  • Scent: Soft, Floral, Sweet, Fruity
  • Best for: Men, Women, All Seasons


What is Mukhallat Attar?

Mukhallat Attar is an Arabian perfume oil made from various flowers, wood, and spices. Each perfumer has a different mix of ingredients but two important things here are that it is a blend of many ingredients and it should contain no alcohol. 

Our Attar is also 100% free of alcohol!

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Ingredients of Attar Mukhallat 

Mukhallat is an Arabic word that means “mixture”. And by that, you can understand that Attar Mukhallat is a mixture of many different fragrance oils. This makes it unique because instead of using just one ingredient, it is a mixture of many.

The key ingredients in Mukhallat Attar are pure oils of Jasmine, Oud, Saffron, Amber, Rose, etc. There are many more ingredients that can be added to each batch for each season.


The recipe with exact composition is usually kept secret but we can tell you that we only use the finest quality ingredients in our distillers in Kannauj. Kannauj is the place where natural perfumery started and attars are being made there for more than 200 years.

How is it made?

The ingredients are then brought to our distillers where they are steam distilled using the ‘Deg & Bhapka’ method. They are mixed with water and heated to form steam. This steam is absorbed in another container. This is how Mukhallat Attar is made!

It takes around 4-8 hours for one batch to process and gets the final perfume. Sometimes, the process is repeated multiple times for better quality. 

What does it smell like?

Mukhallat Attar oil has sweet and floral notes. Overall, you will notice a fruity fragrance in it which is liked by both men and women. It is also light in strength that will not disturb your nose.

And because of its soft scent, it is also beginner-friendly for someone who wants to try Arabian attars. It will provide a smooth transition from french perfumes to natural ittars.

Uses of Mukhallat

This Attar is very popular in the middle-east countries, just like Shamama Attar. People there like blended attars more than single note perfumes. You can wear it any time of any day. But usually, it is more bought for the summer season!

It is also used in aromatherapy and meditation to release all the tension and calm the mind. 

Note: For external use only. We also recommend doing a patch test before using it directly on the skin. Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their doctors before application.

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