Kesar Chandan Attar (Saffron-Sandalwood)

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  • Also Known as: Saffron-Sandal Attar
  • Scent: Sweet, Spicy
  • Best for: Men, Women, Wedding
  • Country of Origin: India


About Kesar Chandan Attar

Made from two of the most popular concentrated oils: Saffron Attar and Sandalwood oil, Kesar Chandan Attar is one of the best-selling attars right now.  It has a light yellow color.

This is because its fragrance is very pleasant as well traditional. This blend is considered very sacred by many. When Kashmir’s saffron is mixed with Mysore’s sandalwood, nothing can be more delightful than this.

It is a perfect perfume oil for religious ceremonies, especially for Hindu Pujas and Aartis. You can wear it for weddings and family functions as well. Everyone around it will notice it instantly and will ask you which perfume this is!

Note: For external use only. We also recommend doing a patch test before using it directly on the skin. 

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