Jannatul Firdaus Attar

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  • Extraction Method: Hydro-distillation
  • Ingredients: Jasmine, Lotus, Rose, Herbs
  • Scent: Floral, Fresh, Musky
  • Best for: Men, Women, Summer, Daily Use


What is Jannatul Firdaus Attar?

Jannatul Firdaus Attar is a popular blend of many concentrated perfume oils with 3 different (top, heart and base) notes. The top is mostly floral while the base note is more herbal in fragrance. It is extracted from flowers, spices, grass and herbs.

Indians and Arabians like this attar because of its elegant fragrance. You will feel like you are in a garden filled with different flowers. Also, you can use it anytime of the day. We will send you this in a beautiful small bottle, so that you can keep it with you all time. 

It is very low-cost in price compared to other attars. Jannatul Firduas Attar is specially created for this purpose to make it affordable for everyone. This makes it a good choice to start the attar journey. 

People of any age (even a kid) will like its scent because it resembles some of the modern perfumes. You will get comfortable with its pleasant scent in just a few minutes. And since it has different notes, you will get an idea of what an attar smells like.

It is also a classy gift for weddings and birthdays. We have seen many people purchase it for corporate gifting and return gifts on family occasions. You can directly contact us for such bulk queries.

What does Jannatul Firdaus Attar smell like?

Jannatul Firdaus Attar has a floral, spicy and musky aroma. There is also a subtle citrus touch in the top note. The scent can be described as heavenly like its name. Jannat-ul Firdaus means ‘Garden of Paradise’ in Arabic. In short, this is the fragrance of heaven.

jannatul firdaus

Initially, you will find its aroma close to some scented soaps and premium aftershaves but soon you will smell a delightful natural scent. You will feel like you just came out after having an amazing bath.

Also, it s one of the best cool attars in the market. It is perfect for the summer season because it provides a cooling effect to your body. You can apply it in the morning and it will keep you refreshed throughout the whole day. It is suitable for both men and women.

What are the key ingredients?

The key ingredients of Jannat ul Firdaus Attar are Jasmine, Rose, Gardenia, Lotus and a few herbs and spices. The flowers add floral fragrance to the top note, while the herbs add musky fragrance to the base. The heart note is spicy.

What makes it unique is that the scent is mild in comparison to its ingredients. You can use it regularly and it will not hit your nose sharply. But on the other hand, its scent will keep your mind calm and free of stress.

How do we make our attars?

We make our attars using the ‘Deg & Bhapka’ method. It is a traditional manufacturing process for extracting the beautiful aroma from natural extracts. 

We only use high-quality ingredients in our distillers.

Note: For external use only. We also recommend doing a patch test before using it directly on the skin. Don’t apply it on clothes.

Why should you buy it from Sugmy?

We at Sugmy are known for our exclusive collection of 100% original attars. They are organic, vegan, eco-friendly and chemical-free. Our products are delivered to all countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc. Buy Jannatul Firdaus Attar online now!

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