How Long do Attars last? How to Store them for Longer Use?

Every person who uses attars wants to know how long they will last on their body until it will run out of the fragrance. Here is the answer to this simple query.

How long does attar oil last?

Attars are some of the best perfumes in the market with a lot of benefits. One of these benefits is that it will keep diffusing its scent around the person for a long period of time. Attars last on the body for about 8-16 hours. But when applied to clothes, it can last for about 2-3 days.

Keep in mind that not all the attars should be put on clothes. Dark color oils (for example Saffron) might leave a stain on the fabric. So, we recommend applying them directly to the body only.

If you want to know, does the attars expire or not? You can check this attars beginners guide.

Does attar last longer than perfume?

Yes, most attars will last longer than a perfume. This is because attars are concentrated and don’t contain alcohol. The reason why synthetic perfumes lose their smell shortly is that they have a lot of alcohol which gets scattered very easily.

Which attars are long-lasting?

Oud attars are known to be the most long-lasting attars in the world. Oud, White Oud, and Black Oud are some best choices for this purpose. Men mainly prefer black Oud for its masculine scent. But there is White Oud also that has a more neutral aroma.

Musk is also a good option but they are usually hard to find in attar form.

Factors that determine the longevity of attars

There are various factors that can tell us how long will an attar last on the body:

  • Quality of Ingredients: The better the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, the longer it will stay.
  • Type: Floral attars (extracted from flowers) will last on the body for a shorter time compared to wood-based.
  • How to Apply it: If applied to the body in the correct way, it will keep spreading its scent for more time.
  • Season: Ittars will linger its scent further in winter than summer. The hot season evaporates the oil faster.
  • Base Oil: Attars made with sandalwood are better for longevity than DOP-based. But sandalwood-based attars are very expensive and are only made to order for customers.
  • Moisturised Skin: Attars will dry out quickly on dry skin (our skin becomes dry after a shower or bath).
  • Good Storage: It is also important to store them in a suitable environment to keep them fresh and consistent in quality. 

Overall, the best way to make the attars last longer is to use them a few minutes after bath, use only high-quality products, wear them in the advised manner and keep them in the right environment.

Tips to Store Attars for Longer Use

While applying the attar correctly on the body is important, it is also vital to keep them in a good condition. So, here are some tips to store attars:

  1. Store them at cool or room temperature in the dark.
  2. Do not expose them to sunlight directly. UV light and heat can fade away the fragrance.
  3. Only store them in the bottles provided. 
  4. Don’t keep them in the bathroom. The humidity and temperature changes can alter the chemical combination of the attar oil.
  5. Keep the Cap on your bottle. If the cap is loose, the fragrance oil may evaporate which can decrease its quality.


So now you know how long do attars last and how to store them for longer use. Use these tips to make the most out of your natural perfume oils!