What is the Difference between Oud and Attar?

You must have heard of both but got confused between them. Find out how Oud and Attar are different from each other!

Is Oud different from Attar?

Both are not the same thing but also not so different. Let’s start with Attars! They are pure essential oils distilled from natural aromatic sources like flowers, herbs, roots, spices, or woods. Learn more about them in this attars guide.

On the other side, Oud is a type of wood we get from the Agarwood trees. This is a very rare species because of the depletion of forests on earth and the fact that only 2% of agarwood trees produce the resin required to create the attar.

Currently, These trees are found in India and neighboring south Asian countries and their main use is in the fragrance and perfume industries.

The main difference between Oud and Attar is that Attar are natural perfume oils and Oud is one of the ingredients used to make them. Attars are made from many different types of ingredients, and Oud can be used because of their exotic woody scent.

Also, Agarwood is very costly, but there are many more attars that are comparably cheaper in price.

You can buy Oud Attar online but it is also used as a note in many Indian and French perfumes. This is because its smell is too strong, so only a few people like a perfume made from this single ingredient only. Other perfumers utilize it only for a single note, either top or base.

There are also two variations of it: Black and White. Black One is more strong and woodier but the white one is mild in nature. That’s why White perfume is suitable for both genders white Black perfume is masculine. It is very popular in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE.


We explained the difference between Oud and Attar in this article.