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Attars are becoming popular again in the world. Here we present to you the 05 best Indian Attars to try this year!

Top 05 Attars from India

Shopping for attars can sometimes get confusing because there are so many choices. Each attar perfume has its own unique fragrance. So, we simplified this attar journey, by making a list of the best attars made in India.

These are the most famous attars from India, best for beginners also:

01) Rose Attar

Most people buy their perfumes only for special occasions and for that purpose, You must start with Rose Attar. It is a concentrated perfume oil with the beautiful aroma of rose. The rose flowers used to make this product are cultivated in northern India.

It is believed that Noor Jahan (wife of Emperor Jahangir) was the first to discover this floral attar. Then, the perfumers at Kannauj did the magic of capturing the fragrance of rose in a bottle.

We recommend this attar for special events like weddings, business events, birthdays, parties and gifting. Everyone loves rosy fragrance and so, everyone will definitely love it as well.

02) Mitti Attar

If you love the fragrance we get from nature after the first shower of monsoon, then this is the best attar for you. Mitti Attar is extracted from the baked clay collected after rain. It is also known as ‘Barsaati Attar’ or ‘Petrichor Oil’. 

This is an original creation from Kannauj perfumers. That’s why every Indian attar enthusiast must have one bottle of Mitti Attar in his collection. And while it is already famous in India, in recent years, it is gaining popularity in the western world, especially in the USA, UK and Australia.

It has a mild soothing scent. We recommend it for daily use during summers because its pleasant aroma will keep you relaxed as well as refreshed for the whole day. Both men and women will definitely like it.

03) Shamama Attar

Shamama Attar is an exclusive Indian attar made from a number of spices and herbs. It has a woody and spicy scent, with a bit of floral fragrance.

Attar Shamama represents the creativity and art of attar-making in Kannauj. They literally created a perfume from spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom etc. You can’t find anything like this is western perfumes.

We recommend this attar for the winter season because it slightly raises the body temperature. It will keep you warm in the chilly weather. You might find it too distinct for the first time, but later you will realise how soothing it is.

04) Saffron Attar

Saffron (also called Kesar and Zafran) is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It depicted luxury in many ancient cultures and this attar does the same. Saffron Attar is a concentrated perfume oil extracted from saffron spice.

The saffron used to make this product is harvested in the Kashmir region of India. It has an intense spicy aroma, somewhere between sweetness and earthiness.

We suggest using Kesar Attar for special occasions and during mediation. You can apply it before sleeping as well to free your brain from the daily stress and tension.

05) Ruh Khus Attar

Khus (or vetiver) is a special Indian dry glass which Indians are known to use for a long time to fight the hot season. So, it is understood that they will make a perfume out of it. Ruh Khus Attar is the perfume oil extracted from vetiver by the‘Deg and Bhapka’ method.

Ruh Khus has a sweet and woody aroma, similar to what we might smell in a rainforest in the early mornings. You might find its scent too sharp initially, but soon you will become a fan of its freshness.

We suggest Ruh Khus Attar for summers because it will have a cooling impact on your body. Some people also prefer it for aromatherapy because of its natural essence.

Which Indian Attar is best?

The simple answer is that there is no one single attar which is best out of all. Each attar has its distinct aroma. Some are floral while some are spicy. Some are strong while some are mild. And don’t forget that every human has his/her own preferences on what they like to smell to feel better.

But we suggested you a list and recommend which attar is best for which season or time.  Mitti Attar is best for daily use, while rose attar is great for festive and family occasions. Ruh Khus works amazingly in summers but shamama shows its wonder during the winters.

The most famous country to make attars in the world is India. They invented the process of making these organic perfumes and the district of Kannauj (in Uttar Pradesh state) became the centre of attar manufacturing. That is why Kannauj is also known as the ‘perfume capital of India’.

These attars are not only free of chemicals but also relieve you from tension and anxiety. Check this complete guide on attars.


Now that you have the list of the 05 best Indian attars, you can easily choose which one you want. Attars are better than synthetic perfumes in every aspect, so this is a great time to switch to these natural alternatives. You will definitely get noticed in the crowd after wearing it!